OM Yoga Show, London

At the end of October, people from all over the UK will flock to Alexandra Palace to enjoy the delights of the The Om Yoga Show. There is something so wonderful about this event that brings the yoga community together and yet, something so paradoxical about its place within a money-driven society.

Is this really yoga people ask? It’s perhaps not what Patanjali imagined when he shared his ideas on yoga with the world! Sometimes it does feel less about enlightenment and more about who has the best leggings but I do believe, when it comes to yoga, the more the merrier. I hear time and time again “yoga just isn’t for me” based on the perception that you have to be on some deep spiritual quest to start practicing. One thing’s for sure is that the commercialisation of yoga offers choice and the more choice we have, the more opportunities there are for people to try yoga for the first time…and who knows they may just love it!

Tara Stiles, a pro in the commercialised yoga scene and dubbed the ‘Yoga Rebel’ by the New York Times, is one of the stars of this year’s show and I’m super excited to have the opportunity to join her class this weekend.  As well as hundreds of free yoga sessions there are Ayurvedic therapies, workshops, dietary advice and stalls selling everything from chemical-free yoga mats to three-week meditation holidays. See you there!

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