Bootcamp Yoga at MODE!

Bootcamp Yoga is a kickass workout combining elements of yoga with a fun, cardio-based sequence to challenge your body in new ways.

Perfect if you love sweating it out in the gym, bootcamp and circuit training style. The five minute stretch at the end is never quite enough to lengthen and stretch your muscles and can often leave you feeling tight and tired the following day. Bootcamp Yoga addresses this problem head on – work your body hard whilst lengthening and toning your muscles and improving your flexibility.

MODE’S basement club environment and sleek decor is the perfect backdrop for this action packed 50 minute class, giving you time to get back to your day feeling high on endorphins!

Strong, lean yogis love Bootcamp Yoga 🙂

Please bring a mat or contact to reserve one.

Join us at the launch event on Wednesday 11 November at 12.30pm. Sign up for Bootcamp Yoga here.

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