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Good food and positive vibes go hand in hand. With 90% of our serotonin receptors found in our stomachs, it makes sense that eating well contributes to our level of happiness.

Someone who knows all about this is Well + Happy‘s founder Chelsea, a passionate recipe creator, yoga junkie, fitness freak, dream chaser and food lover who spends her time wizzing up delicious and nutritious raw and plant-based treats. Here’s what she had to say on food choices, diets and what’s she’s grateful for…

For several years I’ve dabbled in various diets and eating lifestyles…from paleo, vegetarianism, sugar-free (sugar addiction being one of my main problems), pescatarian, alkaline and vegan. After learning what worked for me and what didn’t, I’ve come to the wonderful revelation that labels are a waste of time and I’m quite happy living a predominantly plant based diet. This is a diet largely based on vegetables, grains, legumes and fruit, with little or no animal products (including dairy). I eat raw where possible, because its abundant in nutrients and leaves me feeling amazing. I truly believe there’s no one certain diet that fits everyone – we have to find the balance that suits us as individuals.

Why plant based?My journey to this point all started with my Mum. She became sick with cancer quite a few years ago now and healing disease with food was an area we explored together. Devastatingly, my Mum passed away in 2010, but I’ve certainly continued learning and growing in the healthy food realm. I’ve studied Kinesiology, Nutrition, Crystal Therapy and Flower Remedies and actively do a lot of research and furthering my knowledge. My own body though, has certainly been my main source of learning, as this way of eating and living has absolutely cured a number of ailments for me.

What are you most grateful for? “Spending time with my ‘boys’ – my other half Rob who shares my health and fitness passion and our gorgeous St Bernard, Bernie (original I know!) who brings much joy to our lives. You’ll see him featured regularly on the W&H instagram account! I’m grateful for the opportunities I get to travel, to see the world and explore. I’m grateful for sunshine, random acts of kindness, delicious food, yoga, handstands, sunflowers, elephants, awesome company, family, friends and most of all special treasured memories and of course, creating new ones. Life’s too damn short not to. Oh and notebooks – I love notebooks.

Well + Happy is the perfect place to find plant-based salads, raw cakes, artisanal coffee, green juices, nut mylks and positive vibes. Chelsea has lots of exciting plans in the making so keep updated with her blog to keep in the loop.

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