5 mins with…Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine Shaw, health coach, yoga teacher and best selling recently launched her new app Glow Guides, an eight-week programme based around three key principles – Move, Munch and Meditate. We’ve been following Madeleine’s journey for some time and recently caught up with her to get her advice on how best to incorporate these principles into your day to day.

“Do things that feed your soul, not your ego and you will be happy”

Q. How did you get into nutrition and wellbeing?

It was when I moved to Australia that sparked my interest in health and wellbeing – over there they are so healthy and really into their wellness and it’s so inspiring so I wanted to get involved with it! I had a bad relationship with food and though I was healthy with low-fat foods but I was absolutely wrong!

Q. What’s your one staple meal that you can’t do without?

I love breakfast, I have eggs and avocado most days. If not I love buckwheat porridge or an almond milk, banana and spinach smoothie.

Q. We spend so much time attached to our laptops, so what advice do you have to combat this?

I love taking time out for meditation and focus on being still. It’s so easy to be consumed by your phone, work and laptop so I find it’s really important to break away sometimes and focus on being present, breath and yourself. I sleep without my phone near me and really focus on sleep.

Q. What are your top tips for making healthy eating a way of life?

Preperation is key, if you’re prepared you’re much more likely to stick to being healthy. Also being organized and batch cooking is great. I love cooking once and eating twice it’s so convenient and really easy to do!

Q. How do you deal with the pace of London living?

London is very go, go, go but I like to relax at the weekend’s and in the evenings with family, friends and my boyfriend and just chill out to combat the busy ways of everyday life. I love meditation, baths and cooking a great dinner.

Q. Finally, as a successful nutritionist, author and yoga teacher, what advice do you have for women wanting to start their own business?

Have a clear idea of what you want, who you are and what you want to give to others as when you have a clear message you are much more approachable and authentic. Be real to yourself, be kind and it does take a lot of hard work but that hard work pays off. 

Glow Guides has audio, video and PDFs that will help you live healthier. There are yoga classes, daily strength and cardio workouts and seven-day recipe plans with 70 exclusive new recipes. Madeleine’s new book Ready Steady Glow is out on 7 April. Pre-order here!