5 mins with…Celest Pereira

We recently caught up with the gorgeous, London based yoga teacher, Celest Pereira. Celest completed her training in India in 2009 and has been teaching full time since then. She brings a deep knowledge of the human body through her background in dance, martial arts and physiotherapy to teach students how their bodies work.

“All you need is a little courage and a lot o fun”

Q.  You always seem to be buzzing with energy. What tips can you give for finding extra energy and motivation throughout the day?

Do what you love. Eat healthy. Smile at people wherever you go.

Q. What would you say to someone trying yoga for the first time?

Make sure you check out loads of teachers. Thing that keeps people coming back usually is not just the yoga but the awesomeness of the person teaching it. On those rainy days when you’re exhausted and all you want to do is watch tv and eat chips, the only thing that will drag you to yoga is your love for your teacher.

Q. Who inspires you?

There are so many people inspiring me all the time. I love seeing my students getting better and better all the time. That’s super inspiring. Also, my parents have this crazy work ethic which I have always admired. My brother is THE most positive person on earth! I think he’s an avatar. My partner is great at making me find more balance… the list is endless 🙂

Q. What are you reading at the moment and what’s your favourite book?

The Truth, by Neil Strauss. It’s a book about relationships. Very dark but I’m learning a lot. I think a part of me is scared of commitment, so reading this book taught me a lot about myself.

Q. What is your biggest learning in life so far?

To be unapologetically myself 🙂

Q. Where can we find you teaching?

Mostly in Triyoga Soho, but also in Equinox once a week. If you come to my class please come and give me a hug! I love hugs and I love meeting new people.

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  • 6th February 2016