The modern back ache

Most people experience back pain at some point in their lives, from simply sleeping funny to not allowing muscles to rest by over exercising. But more often, we suffer as a result of our modern lifestyles.

In my 20s, sitting at a computer for hours on end caused the aches and pains that led me to try yoga. Being right handed, it was my right shoulder that took the brunt. Using the phone, moving a computer mouse, carrying a handbag…but most of all carrying my career and family worries on my shoulders.

Yoga came to my rescue. Not just by stretching all the right places to target the spots causing the pain but also in quieting the mind to release emotional stress and the pressure that it holds on the body. Releasing the mental woes has just as big a part to play in reducing back pain.

Supine twists, sphinx , pigeon and laying with your legs up the wall all help to alleviate the pressure on your back muscles. Yoga Journal has a really helpful list a number of poses that can also help.

Talking with your close ones and proper counselling will help you emotionally and yoga will help you to create strong muscles and a healthy mind. I have experienced the difference and I’m sure you will too!



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