Unleash Your Spring Chic

Saturday 25th March, 10am to 11.30am

Out with the old, in with the new you as we explore our inner chic!

Yoga makes you feel great from the inside out and when you feel great from within, looking chic (and fabulous!) comes naturally.

Feel inspired to be your most chic and get uplifted with Emily at our SPRING CHIC YOGA BRUNCH. Emily’s our GYL Glam Yogini bringing some glam to the mat and she can’t wait to guide you through an energising, happy vibes 60min flow to help you to let loose and find your inner chic guru!

After class, tuck into a healthy bowl of refined sugar free granola from Spoon Cereals served with almond milk and fruit.

Leave feeling fresh, vibrant and with a yogi spring in your step!

Here are a few ideas to get started on your chic journey so that you arrive to class one step ahead!

  • Add some colour! Does colour make you happy? Arrive to class in your snazzy leggings and brightest top.
  • Live in your yoga leggings? (Don’t worry, we know this feeling!). Of course you want to look chic on the mat but how’s about investing yourself as a whole? Splurge on a great pair of jeans that make your butt look good!

Please arrive at 9.50am and wait at the big black gates where Emily will come out to meet you. Class starts at 10am and there is no entrance to the building after this time.


  • 28th February 2017