Nail your Chaturanga!


Saturday 8 April, 9.30am to 11.30am
Shoreditch, £25 (30% off using code below!)

Come along and nail your Chaturanga – it will change your entire yoga practice!

You’ll discover how to effortlessly flow through vinyasas and sun salutations with strength and grace. Join 500hr yoga teacher Melissa as she breaks down Chaturanga by first explaining the muscles of the upper body and shoulders, walking through the specific alignment in the body, and then exploring tools to enhance the pose including partner work and arm balances.

This fun and enlightening workshop will focus on three poses: Chaturanga, Plank, and Upward Dog. Whether you’re new to yoga, or you have done enough Chaturangas to truly understand it’s nickname the “shoulder shredder”, this workshop will be incredibly useful in deepening your understanding of these poses.

You’ll not only change your Chaturanga, but your entire yoga practice! You’ll feel stronger and more confident in Chatatrunga and arm balances such as Bakasana (crow), side crow, and Eka Pada Bakasana.

What is Chaturanga?

From plank position, you roll your weight forward, shoulders over your wrists and core engaged to create a long straight line from head to heels. Maintaining the alignment of Tadasana (mountain pose), you tuck your tailbone in and hug your elbows close to the body as you lower down. You stop at the level of your elbows where your arms form a 90 degree angle. With the body still hovering off the ground, you move effortlessly into upward dog.

Sounds simple? Perhaps this sounds more familiar…

Skipping chaturanga completely and flowing straight to Cobra or Up-Facing Dog (the Chata-up-dog) or doing a plank-type hold instead and then collapsing the hips to up-dog (not the safest way to come into a backbend).


So what’s the big deal with this often-dreaded yoga push-up? 

Doing this pose incorrectly can cause shoulder pain and rotator cuff injury so it’s important to correct your technique early on. Chaturanga engages the strength of your whole body, particularly the arms, shoulders and core and it also prepares you for more challenging poses such as arm balances and inversions.

Experience includes:

2 hour yoga workshop
Perfect your Chaturanga and enhance your yoga practice
Meet other yogis



Address: Black+White, 74 Rivington Street, EC2A
Please arrive at 9.20am and wait outside the black gates to be collected by the teacher.

  • 27th March 2017